The role of our hygienists at Redhouse is to educate, motivate you and keep your mouth healthy.

Hygienists are professionally trained to prevent gum disease and tooth decay by removing the bacterial deposits (tartar/stain) from your teeth, teaching you how to prevent future build up and giving dietary advice.

Combining regular hygienist appointments with your own home care is the best way to maintain a healthy mouth, keep your teeth strong and give you fresher breath. Neglecting your gums can lead to poor gum health, which can cause heart problems, diabetes and other problems later on in life.

We also encourage children to visit the hygienist for advice on diet and the best way to clean teeth in order to start good habits early on.

We are committed to helping you achieve and maintain oral health. If you have any concerns, such as sensitive teeth or bleeding gums, please let us know at your initial appointment. Regular visits to our hygienists help to detect early signs of disease and allow us to adapt the cleaning methods to prevent this.

The key to good oral health is finding an effective cleaning routine that fits around your daily life. We can help you achieve and maintain this. We will advise you on a tailor made treatment plan to suit your personal needs.

You may only need to visit the hygienist once a year or maybe up to four times a year depending on your individual needs.

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